Meg Kinney, Researcher and Strategist

I am naturally curious and fascinated by people and culture. Throughout my 20+ year agency career, most recently as EVP of Strategy for TBWA\Integer, I mined insights for new product innovation, market development, advertising, and shopper marketing. I've worked with blue chip brands and social entrepreneurs alike, from packaged goods to social justice. I am most passionate about creating a more human approach to driving business growth.

Hal Phillips, Videographer and Editor

I am a storyteller at heart who passionately believes in video as a medium for sharing human connection, reaction, and participation in the world around us. My experience in television production inspires me to make audio/video technology an asset for qualitative research, instead of an intrusion. I always establish good rapport and enroll the subjects as co-creators in order to tell an authentic story.

Trade professionals can play a significant role in shaping brand perceptions and amplifying or diminishing meaning for consumers
    A sampling of clients who have hired us for video-based ethnographic research

      Larry L. Musetti, Market Research Manager, Benjamin Moore & Co.

      “Meg and Hal are the best at what they do...understanding the heart and souls of customers. The most impactful and insightful work I’ve been involved with in my 20+ years. They helped set new directions for Benjamin Moore that have moved us forward. Best yet, they are fun to work with though they demand the best from you, so you must work hard with them to make your project as successful as it can be.”

      John Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Fresh Produce Sportswear

      “We’ve all been there. You conduct a 3-month research initiative that ends with a 100-page deck, and you say to yourself, “now what?”. The power of The Bad Babysitters is not only their ability to uncover true and meaningful insights, but in their delivery of an attainable set of action items with both immediate and long-term implications on your business. Their drive to ask provocative questions upfront allowed us to effectively frame the opportunities with an unmatched level of clarity and direction.”

      Mike Allen, President & CEO, 180

      "180 has worked with Bad Babysitter on a number of strategic assignments, ranging in scale from shopper insights, to friend groups, to brand positioning, to complex brand architecture projects. Without exception, they delivered world-class insights and output that have shaped our thinking and taken our creative work to breakthrough places. They are smart, dynamic, and one of the best brand babysitters I have every worked with in my 25 years in marketing."

      Jennifer Walloch, Senior Manager, Peet’s Coffee & Tea

      "Working with Meg and Hal is all about smart people doing smart work — they assess the situation, bring creative solutions to the table, get courageous about execution, and deliver action-oriented thought-provoking insights and recommendations."

      Chad Seymour, President, Neighbor Agency

      "Bad Babysitter always brings their unbridled curiosity and broad life experience to the table in a way that is highly collaborative and truly inspiring. Their unique mix of whip smart insight development and boardroom savvy with clients has been a huge strategic asset to our organization many times. I cannot recommend them highly enough."





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